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Neuro Fitness Training  

optimizing movement capacity for clients with neurological the home and beyond 

Sound Balance Solutions Physical Therapy has 20 years experience working with clients with neurological conditions, including PD/Parkinson's plus/parkinsonism, MS, post-CVA, TBI, peripheral neuropathy (DM and idiopathic), cerebellar ataxias, post-Polio syndrome, adults with CP.  Treatment is tailored to your movement goals and interests, using evidence-based programs grounded in movement science.  We work in your environment to help solve your movement difficulties.


Using the principles of Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance, we progressively work on finding your limits of stability, promote your reactive balance skill, challenge your brain with dual-tasking, and establish a home program based on your individual needs.  Once therapy has ended, we offer individual or group classes on-line to help keep the gains you have made.




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