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Physical Therapy




In order to efficiently serve our patients, Sound Balance Solutions PT has limited its territory to the geographic areas below.  Call for questions about tele-health if you live outside these locations.  

Proudly Serving the East Side 

Map of East Side of Seattle

Commonly Asked Questions

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How is outpatient Ph​ysical Therapy delivered???

What if the room is spinning???

What if I have a different vestibular disorder???

My balance is off...what can I do???

After joint replacement surgery...

I have a neurological condition and want to improve my movement...

PT home safety assessment

Balance Classes

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COVID-19 and physical therapy in the home

Patient and Client Reviews

"Tim was my therapist following a stroke in December of 2007. I am convinced I would not not be walking, driving, and generally mobile today if it were not for his determination to help me improve. I owe him a lot!" 

- G.M.

"Tim's compassion, encouragement, and expertise took me in 3 months time, from having almost no balance due to a neuro-degenerative disorder to the ability to control my balance more adequately.  Tim continually came up with new and more challenging exercises, with great encouragement to challenge myself.  I have gained confidence in my movement due to Tim's work with me."

- D.G.

"Tim is an outstanding PT. I would highly recommend him. He has given me many PT ideas to improve my balance, and those ideas have worked!"

- B.C.M.

"I took Tim's TaiJiQuan: Moving for Better Balance class because it was just 'a good idea'. Having had a couple of falls (one resulting in pelvic fractures), I had lost confidence with my balance on uneven surfaces. I needed to get better acquainted with my aging body and have better skills to navigate my world safely.  With Tim's ability to communicate these Tai chi moves I was able to learn easily. His patience and humor kept the the learning fun.  Before I knew it we were becoming synchronous in our movements.  Hope we can start again soon."

- M.R.

"Tim treated my daughter with such kindness.  He listened carefully, understood her concerns and did a thorough assessment - then promised to follow up with further info on the portal.  He is capable, knowledgable and a first-rate provider.  'Better never stops' with Tim.  We are so grateful."

- R.L. for her daughter C.

"Tim's personalized, adaptive, and innovative approach to TJQMBB (Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance) helped greatly with my Parkinson's balance concerns."

- M.T.

"Dear Tim, as an instructor your class:

  1. was fun

  2. was taught at our level, geared to us who knew nothing about Tai Ji Quan )Moving for Better Balance)

  3. increased the difficulty of the routines only as we became ready for that change

  4. increased my balance as the weeks went by

Thank you!"​

- S.D.

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