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HOW is outpatient physical therapy delivered???

Sound Balance Solutions Physical Therapy, PLLC is a unique outpatient therapy clinic.  We bring the clinic to you.  We are not traditional home health PT, which uses Medicare Part A (hospital insurance).  Instead, we are a "house calls" Medicare Part B provider for outpatient therapy services.  Our clinical focus is optimizing your movement, whether you have a vestibular condition (dizziness and vertigo or "spinning"), difficulty with balance and walking and/or a fear of falling, a neurological condition that impacts your ability to move around your home and community, as well as orthopedic conditions (Total Hip and Knee Replacements) that affect your ability to stand/walk/balance efficiently and safely.  Working in the home, we are able to see you in your environment, allowing us to customize a treatment plan that focuses on your goals.


Some may ask, "Why would I want to have outpatient therapy in the home?".  Consider persons with dizziness or vertigo, balance difficulty, or having a recent hip or knee replacement. For instance, waking with the room spinning, the last thing you'd want to do is get into your car and drive to a clinic.  A therapist coming to you may be the essential component of successful rehabilitation.  


Physical therapy in the home has major advantages:

  • Identify barriers within the home that may be impeding your movement

  • Work on skills in your environment to improve carry-over

  • Establish individualized home exercises that can be done safely in your home

  • For clients with vertigo/dizziness or other vestibular conditions, be able to recover faster from evaluation and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Treatment sessions:

PT evaluation and treatment sessions, both in-person and tele-health, are for 60 minutes.  

Feel confident that Sound Balance Solutions PT can deliver the care you need.

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