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Physical Therapy in the Time of COVID-19






At Sound Balance Solutions PT, we follow CDC guidelines for physical therapy clinics treating in the home.  It is important that prior to any therapy appointment, both the therapist and the patient/family member present have been vigilant for the symptoms of COVID-19.  Click HERE for the latest guidance from the CDC, including a Coronavirus Self-checker tool to help you navigate your symptoms the day of your appointment.


Currently, there are many who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are recovering at home.  Some are too weak to receive therapy in a typical outpatient setting.  This “home bound” patient is initially best served by a Home Health agency, who taps into Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) to provide comprehensive care (Physical/Occupational/Speech therapy based on need, nursing).  Once home health has been discontinued, there may still be patients who do not want to come into a physical therapy clinic.  Sound Balance Solutions PT was created to fill in this gap.


Our policy at Sound Balance Solutions PT is as follows:

  • Making sure the treating therapist is symptom-free of COVID-19 based on the latest CDC guidelines, including temperature check.

  • Calling you the day of your appointment to make sure you are symptom-free of COVID-19, following the CDC guidelines.

  • Checking your temperature prior to your treatment.

  • Wearing personal protective equipment based on CDC guidelines.  This includes the therapist and the patient, including any family member participating in your care.

  • Cleaning all equipment before and after each treatment session, again based on CDC guidelines.

For clients concerned about having a therapist come into the home, consider tele-health as a viable alternative.  Call or email if you have any questions.

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