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For Providers

At Sound Balance Solutions PT, we have over 20 years experience working with patients with vestibular, neurological and orthopedic conditions.  Utilizing hands-on techniques, as well as cutting edge technology, we can get your patients back to life.  For patients with suspected BPPV or other vestibular conditions, we use Insight Infrared Video Goggles by VestibularFirst.

For the dizzy/spinning/vestibular patient:

Using infrared video goggles allows for visual fixation to be removed, facilitating a more efficient and accurate diagnosis of peripheral vestibular disorders such as BPPV, as well as gives critical information for central vestibular disorders that may need to be followed up by neurology or neuro-otology.  Most clinics who provide vestibular PT do not have this tool, making diagnosis and determination of whether treatment was effective a "best guess".

Studies have found that video infrared goggles were equally as effective as traditional ENG for measuring abnormal eye movements (nystagmus), while more old school Frenzel lens goggles were only 1/3 as effective.  Though not explored in this article, observing the eyes in room light without any goggles (eg the typical PT clinic), the ability to detect abnormal nystagmus drops precipitously.

For patients who are concerned about falling, look unstable moving, or have fallen in the past year:

PT is the go-to approach for your patients to mitigate the issues of falling.  Numerous studies have borne out this fact.  We offer a comprehensive assessment of the movement system, and hone in on why they are at risk for a fall.  Using Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balancewe progressively work on finding limits of stability, promote reactive balance skill, challenge the brain with dual-tasking, and establish a home program based on the client's individual needs.  Once therapy has ended, we offer individual or group classes on-line to help keep the gains made during PT.

For the patient with a neurological diagnosis:

We work with ambulatory adult patients with neurological diagnoses such as PD/Parkinson's plus/parkinsonism, MS, post-CVA, TBI, peripheral neuropathy (DM and idiopathic), cerebellar ataxias, post-Polio syndrome and adults with CP.  Taking a functional approach to movement retraining, Sound Balance Solutions PT is in a unique position to tailor movement training to the patient's home, thus entrain their movement within their specific environment.

For the patient status post total hip or knee arthroplasty:

Imbalance and difficulty with gait can be an ongoing issue with those s/p THA or TKA.  Decline in strength in the knee and muscles that surround the hips can persist years after surgery, placing your patients at increased risk for falling.  Intensive therapy focusing on the issues impacting balance and gait can help reverse this trend, decreasing fall risk and increasing quality of life.

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